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New Millenium Bank Secured Black Diamond Mastercard

Approved regardless of credit history
Credit limits up to $10,000*
Reports to all 3 bureaus
Get cash at over 740,000 ATMs
No credit check
* Terms and conditions apply.

New Millennium Bank has guaranteed your credit approval for up to $10,000* in secured credit!

Build or rebuild your credit the SMART way with a

NMB Secured Black Diamond Visaģ

credit card!

  • Approved regardless of credit history
  • Credit limits up to $10,000*
  • Reports to all 3 bureaus
  • Get cash at over 740,000 ATMs
  • No credit check
  • * Terms and conditions apply.

New Millennium Bank has helped thousands of people get their Visaģ and/or MasterCardģ through our unique, national secured credit card program. New Millennium Bank is known for excellence such as:

  • An established track record of trust and safety.
  • Rated 4 stars (Excellent) by Bauer Financial Services.
  • Passes stringent annual reviews by federal and state regulatory groups responsible for the safety and soundness of the national banking system.
  • Deposited funds are insured up to $100,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


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Sub-prime mortgage loans are designed for those who donít qualify for ďAĒ rated loans, typically those with a FICO score of less than 650. They also cater to those desiring unconventional terms, like a jumbo loan. As with any lender, to find the best financing, you have to compare mortgage loan offers.

Who Qualifies For Sub-Prime Loans?

Anyone can qualify for a sub-prime loan, no matter their credit history. Even people with excellent credit may choose to work with a sub-prime lender to work out special terms.

When it comes to mortgage loans, sub-prime lenders donít decline applications. Rather, they present terms, which you can choose to accept or decline.

For instance, a person could discharged a bankruptcy and apply for a mortgage the next day with a sub-prime lender. The lender would likely charge 12% above conventional rates and require a 50% down payment. The option is to either take the loan or wait two years for much better terms.

What Sub-Prime Lenders Offer?

Besides flexibility with terms, sub-prime lenders offer near conventional rates. On average, sub-prime lenders charge 1% to 2% above conventional rates for every drop in credit grade. However, large cash reserves or down payments can offset a negative credit history.

Sub prime lenders donít require private mortgage insurance Ė a real savings if you donít plan on a down payment of 20% or more. Lenders also offer refinancing options in your mortgage, saving on closing costs in the future.

Who Provides Sub-Prime Loans?

It used to be that only unconventional financing lenders offered mortgages to those with poor credit. But now virtually all banks and financing companies deal with sub-prime loans. For the lowest credit ranks, you still need to work with a sub-prime lender.

To find the right sub-prime loan, compare financing offers from several companies. You can work with a mortgage broker online to evaluate quotes in minutes or go directly to lender sites.

When requesting a loan estimate, provide as much information as possible, including your credit score. But donít let the potential lender inspect your credit report unless you want to see your credit score go down. Only allow the most promising lead access your report to complete the loan application.

Many small businesses are either weary of the new VOIP business telephone system and others may not even have heard about it. The new Voice Over Internet Protocol business telephone systems are revolutionizing the way business is being conducted, on a global level. Large business and small businesses alike are able to take advantage of the benefits of the VOIP business telephone system.

VOIP has come along way to being portable and useful. As technology moves forward, this type of business telephone system progresses, too. In the beginning, VOIP business telephone systems required that people be at their computers to use it, and the sound quality was very poor. Now, you are able to receive VOIP business telephone systems on a standard phone and the sound quality is much better.

The major benefit of the VOIP business telephone system is that it will significantly decrease your telephone operating costs. You will be able to have one network for both your phone system and your network, so it will also save you from having to pay two separate bills each month. Plus the cost associated with changes in employee status can significantly decrease by moving to a VOIP business telephone system.

The flexibility of the VOIP business telephone system also makes it appealing to many companies. With this type of business telephone system, your phone system can go wherever you can access a broadband connection. This means that your will always have access to your phone even when you travel. You can even use the VOIP business telephone system on your laptop, as many VOIP systems have telephony software that allows you to send and receive calls using a unit connected to your laptop.

Other benefits of the VOIP business telephone system include receiving voice mail and faxes in your e-mail box. This business telephone system allows you to organize all of your messages on your computer. You will also be able to gain access to virtually any phone number in any area code without paying extra. Through a VOIP business telephone system, if you want to attract consumers in New Mexico, you can have a New Mexico phone number even if your business is located in Connecticut.

If you are considering changing over to a VOIP business telephone system, you will want to make sure your transition goes smoothly. Therefore, you may want to hire an expert to come in and help you switch over to a VOIP business telephone system, especially if you have a larger company. You can also start off slowly by only switching over a few employees first to test this new business telephone system and ease everyone into it. Also, to avoid any issues, you will also want to make sure your network security is up to date in order to avoid hackers, as you should already be doing to protect your computers.

The VOIP business telephone system can allow your company, big or small, greater flexibility and lower telecommunications bills. With this business telephone business system, you will be able to answer your phone anywhere you get a broadband connection along with having access to messages and faxes in your e-mail inbox. The possibilities with the VOIP business telephone system seem endless, so the only question is how soon you can take advantage of the benefits.

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