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Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card

New Card for Convenient Tap-n-Pay Purchases at Merchants Nationwide
No Bounced Check, NSF and Overdraft Charges EVER!
FREE Rewards Program - Earn 1 point for every $1 spent, redeem for Prepaid Wireless Airtime, Music Downloads, LD Calls
FREE Bill Pay Service - Pay Anyone Online or Over the Phone
FREE Credit Builder with Overdraft Protection
FREE Mobile & Email Alerts
FREE Direct Deposit - Eliminate Check Cashing Fees
Add Cash Instantly at 100,000 Retail Locations Nationwide

Your Life Made Easier, with your new Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card, its easy to stay in control, pay your bills, and eliminate NSF, overdraft and bounced check fees. Shop online or over the phone, book travel, pay all of your bills (rent, car, utilities) with our convenient Click-n-Pay feature. Add cash instantly at over 60,000 locations including Western Union® for only $3.95. Eliminate check cashing fees by having your paycheck Direct Deposited to your Wired Plastic account FREE. Don’t wait! Have your new Visa card in as little as 3 days with instant online approval and no upfront payment required.

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Refinancing both your first and second mortgages will result in one low monthly payment that could save you thousands in interest charges. By combining both mortgages, you qualify for lower rates than if you refinance separately. You can see a significant savings with your second mortgage refinance, which is often several points higher than your first mortgage rates. You will also save on application fees and other closing costs.

Strategies To Lower Your Mortgage Payment

You have a couple of options to lower your mortgage payment when refinancing. The first choice is to find a low rate mortgage. So even if you choose the same length for your loan, you will still see a savings in your monthly mortgage bill. Adjustable rate and interest only loans will give you the lowest payments, at least at the beginning of your home loan. But a fixed rate loan can also give you reasonable rates with security that they won’t rise in the future.

The other option is to extend your loan term, especially in the case of your second mortgage which usually is for five to ten years. By consolidating your loans to a thirty year loan, you lengthen your payment schedule for principal, so you have a smaller payment. However, your interest rate and charges will be higher than with a shorter term.

Getting The Best Loan

Once you determine the type of loan and terms you want, do your shopping for a good lender to save even more money. Lenders will vary in how much they charge for closing costs and interest rates. The APR will tell you how loans compare overall, both in terms of rates and closing costs.

But if you are planning to move or refinance again in the future, then be wary of paying high closing costs. Even if they secure you a lower rate, you will only see a savings if you keep the mortgage for several years.

Don’t base your lender decision based on posted loan rates. Ask for a personalized loan quote based on your general information. With more accurate numbers, you can make an informed choice as to who has the best financing for you.

What is a hard money lender? I have heard the term in internet advertisements and by word of mouth, but was not really sure what they were or how they work. I looked into it a little bit and found that they are actually just private individuals with a little extra money that they make available for investment. They will lend the money they have to real estate investors. The loan is usually short term and is generally used by the real estate investors to buy and repair certain properties.

So where does the name “hard money lender” come from then? The term is a common one used in the financial world. Soft money is money that has easy terms and a flexible payment schedule. Hard money, on the other hand, has stricter terms to it and the repayment schedule is rigid and completely outlined by the loaner. With private financing, the hard money term becomes even more harsh. The terms of a hard money lender are usually very strict and rigid.

Those rigid terms will likely vary from hard money lender to hard money lender. They will also likely be affected by experience of the investor requesting. However, there are some typical terms for hard money lenders. Usually the loan will be for around half to three quarters of the value of the home, post-repairs. The period is usually somewhere between 6 ad 60 months and will charge you 2-10 points on the loan as well. Again, though, there are going to be variations from lender to lender.

Hard money lenders are actually a great resource for you if you want to go into real estate investments. There are a couple of reasons. First of all, they give you money on hand so that you can make a purchase as soon as your offer is accepted. In some cases, these lenders will even lend you closing cost money. In addition, they are people, not institutions. You can talk to them on a personal level and build trust with them, which makes it something you can really work with. You will be able to laugh with, talk with, and even befriend your lender if you go the hard money lender route. Keep that in mind as you enter the field, but never forget that you do have a business relationship and that a lot of money can often times be at stake.

Though not always easy to find because of their private nature, hard money lenders can be a great resource for real estate investors. They offer quick money without all of the hassle of larger institutions. However, you must also be aware that terms and conditions of hard money lenders have little flexibility and are often tough. Because of that, you must make sure you establish a solid relationship and reputation with any hard money lenders you choose to work through. However, find the right one and you will have money available to you to make your real estate investment experience a successful one.

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