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% apr until paid in full

If you looking start building credit for the first time, or rebuilding your credit after a bankruptcy or credit problems, a secured credit card can be a great way to start.

A secured credit card is basically the same as an unsecured credit card; it has the same features, flexibility and use. There is no print on the card that identifies it as a secured card—that’s just between the card holder and the issuer. And just like any other credit card, it’s accepted at merchants throughout the world who accept credit cards.To get a secured credit card, you must open a savings account or a CD account in your name. Next, you deposit a certain sum of money into the account, which will serve as the collateral for the apr % in paid until full card. For example, if you deposit $1000 into the bank account, then the credit limit on the card will be $1000. If you are ever in default with the card, the bank will have the right to take the money from the savings or CD account to pay the balance. The money you deposit will earn interest, but you will be restricted from removing it from the account at any time. (Of course, you cancel the card with no balance on it.) The in % paid apr until full secured credit card bank will determine the amount of the deposits required to receive a secured credit card.You will be responsible for paying the credit card bill every month, just like you would an unsecured card. Every time you make a payment on time, it will show as a good mark on your credit report. But be fore warned! Every time you are late, that will show up, too! In addition, just like a regular credit card, you will pay fees and interest if the balance isn’t paid in full each month.Eventually, as you build a good credit history with the bank, they may increase your limit on the secured credit card or offer you an unsecured card with a low credit limit. Either way, you are on your way to building a good credit rating, which will allow you to live your life with more flexibility.Could you benefit from some good marks on your credit report? If so, you should check out what a secured credit card can do for you!2

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In May 2004, 20.7 million people regularly worked at home as part of their primary job.
This accounts for about 15 percent of total non-agricultural employment. This massive number of people shows the popularity of working from home. So in this article I will briefly summarize the pro and cons.


No need to commute:
This can save valuable time and money not to mention the stress of traffic, train delays, overcrowded public transport like busses trains etc.

Nobody can tell you how to do your job or how you are doing it wrong. No need to bother with careful, politically correct language in the office in fear of being sacked or sewed. Also, setting and meeting your own deadlines is very satisfying.

Dress code:
No need to wear cheap polyester suites on the hottest day of the year.

Tax benefits:
When working from home, you can partially include your home office expenses on your taxes.

Family time:
Working at home is a good way of watching the kids grow up and bonding with the family better.


Getting no work done:
Surprisingly, the most common issue with people working from home is self-discipline and self-motivation. Do you want to start on those boring invoices or do you want another packet of honey roasted cashews with a few cups of coffee and another half hour of Judge Judy?

The mess!:
It creeps up on you slowly then bang! Suddenly your spare room come home office is buried in a mountain of unwanted and forgotten paperwork because nobody is reminding you to file it. Who wants to file paperwork anyway?

All alone:
Some people would argue that it isn't healthy to have so little face to face contact with those other bipeds out there. This can lead to loneliness, which can lead to becoming reclusive which can lead to the dark side, ur... I mean depression.

Longer hours:
It might seem a little peculiar, but most people who work from home in order to work less hours, actually work more hours. One reason for this is that they are so focused to the point of obsession that they will sit from dawn till dusk only breaking for essential survival reasons like eating and using the bathroom. The other reason is that the office is only in the next room and usually when people are into their work, it is what they mostly think about so it is very easy when you have another idea, to walk into the next room to write it down and then maybe phone and tell a colleague about it and then work out a short budget... your working again!

Millions of people earn a successfully living from home so if you think you're up for it, the only thing stopping you, is you. Take your time to view and take in these points. You may have heard these before but now that I have listed a few points about working from home, I can give you cheesy clichés like, 'If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail' and 'The road to success is always under construction'. But seriously, here are a few pointers:

- Before you start working from home, set up a simple filing system so you can file as you work

- It may seem a little eccentric, but if you dress for work, attack yourin tray and generally act as if you were working in the office, you will be a lot more productive.

- Keep office hours even though you work at home. If you work in a study or home office, close the door at 6.00 and don't open it until it is time to start work at 9.00 the next day. Try to have time off and don't work on weekends.

-Keep contact with people. Even if you are working at home, there shouldn't be any reason you can't arrange lunch with somebody.

If you don't currently have work to be getting on with at home, this is a great work from home opportunities directory:

Have you ever wondered what could be the specific meaning of an instant approval credit card and whether you can really get one immediately? In your junk emails, you might have received offers and ads from online credit card companies regarding instant loan approvals or the ‘best’ credit available online. Such companies offer instant approval credit cards and loans when you apply for them through their website. You then get a copy of an instant approval credit card online which you can use to make limited purchases there and then.

How an Instant Approval Credit Card Online Can Help You

This is certainly an option you can consider if you happen to have surpassed the limit of your original credit. Maxing your credit card limit is pretty common these days since the Internet has provided us with vast shopping possibilities where we may need instant and immediate access to credit. In order to apply for a card, we need to enter specific details as requested by credit card companies online. This provides you with better credit options as you get an almost immediate credit assurance even with a slightly flawed credit record.

Benefits of Instant Approval Credit Cards

As a matter of fact, many credit companies offer good online services by offering you an instant approval. You may have to wait patiently for your card to get a whiff of the ‘best of the services’ promised to you. The loan approval is instant, but you will have to wait for the credit card, which is sent through snail mail and takes time to reach you.

One of the best features of online credit loan approvals is that you get to know your status of loan almost instantly. You don't have to wait for hours to know the status of your loan approval as you may have to do with offline credit cards applications. The online way of offering credits is quicker than the traditional one and hence the name, instant approval credit cards. Another major advantage for you is to use the World Wide Web to compare the credit rates and offers of different companies online.

Instant Approval Credit Card Incentives

In the quest to grab and retain customers, instant approval credit card companies have introduced the concept of incentives for consumers. These incentives include several types of benefits on credit cards. You may get a 0% APR for a limited period, or you can also enjoy free balance transfers without any annual fees for the first year or so. The reward point policy included by these programs allows credit card users the freedom to redeem the points in exchange for household products or get their cash back once they have collected predetermined points. With a wide variety of offerings from different credit card, there is no reason why you should not opt for an instant approval credit card in order to redeem points for products.

Instant Approval Credit Card Constraints

There are certain constraints for instant loan approvals, and for sure, not everyone can get instant loan approvals. People who have good credit history or those who own profitable businesses are the only lucky ones. They are generally considered to be preferred customers for instant and regular credit cards.

But with increasing competition some credit card companies offer instant approval credit card online to people with flawed or bad credit. To get such deals on instant approval credit cards you just have to do a little research on the web. Good luck to you as you are not far away from your instant approval credit card.

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