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9.99 percent divided by 12 months

For the next twenty years, personal security is the 9.99 12 by percent divided months finest investment we can make.

Make a two year plan. A five and a ten. Never sell your investment. Hold it no matter what appearances are. I want such fine camping equipment I can starve to death anywhere in the world, in total comfort. Then I can focus on eating.I too 9.99 percent divided by 12 months live in a place where the odds are better than even, I will have to give up my home. How about you? How will I be travelling? What and who will I want with me?After comfort I look at food. How much should I carry for each person? Will I need to move more than a hundred miles? Will I need fuel to move, or can I move what I want with a bicycle and trailer? This means camping. Over nighters, week enders, Summer camps, etc. Can I be comfortable with 40 pounds of worldy goods? Can I start with more and shed as I go?So I think of food storage in the event I get to stay home. I think of what food to carry if I don't and I plant a kitchen garden in total 9.99 percent 9.99 percent divided by 12 months divided by 12 months optimism. I plant seperately to generate seed stocks of the things I want to grow next year. A well set up and run kitchen garden gives me superior food year round with great convenience.Next I invest in super immunity. The coming plagues will kill people like flies because the antidotes will only follow the death and destruction. Can you hear and feel the fear in the media? When you take responsibility for your own super immunity and for those close 12 by 9.99 divided percent months to you, you have taken appropriate action against a threat far more serious than terrorism. Be Prepared! - No joke.2

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Many of us a knockings from creditors and think it’s high time we knocked down the debts. We are accountable to the creditor who gave us credit believing that we will pay the debt on time.

Due to some conditions we find ourselves behind the bill. And wake when the creditor or some collection agency reports us. We could have written the creditor about reduction of debt or an extension of payment period, well before.

It’s not good to remain like a nice guy, and not responding to your creditor. It may happen your creditor will hand you over to the collection agencies (the hounds). At the extreme conditions you creditor may break some laws to track you down. Besides, you might be written off by banks and other financial institutions. The same thing will happen if you declare yourself bankrupt.

So, before the opportunity slips away from your hand and affects your life seriously. Put a stop. Research ways to pay off all the dues. You will find many ways. On the finance front there are debt settlement, debt consolidation agencies who will guide you how to procure loan for that purpose. There is always a way to pay back by debt settlement.

Often some find themselves up to neck depth in the debt that they don’t have a clear picture of the debt amount, number of creditors and different interest rates. Your first job in debt settlement is to work on the debt status. Make clear report.

Benefits of Debt Settlement

• Stop creditor harassment
• Alleviate stress from debt
• Reduces your payments up to 60%
• Take control finances
• Reduces interest and penalties
• Makes you debt free within 2 to 3 years
• Improves credit rating
• Makes the payment mode more convenient
• Stops Bankruptcy

You might not be in a condition to pay off all at once. Even you might be so worse off that it is impossible to pay the monthly dues. Don’t worry! You can still avail loans from govt. agencies and/or financial institution (as per debt settlement/consolidation expert’s suggestion) to pay off the debt. Consider the following points.

• Credit Cards: Request you card issuers to give you transfer balances from other cards. Ask for fixed rates and transfer fee waiver.

• Home Equity Loans: You can borrow anything up to 90% on your home without any other mortgage, at very low interest rates. The bad part of it is that you might lose your home if you don’t repay.

• Refinance Current Mortgage: Refinance your current mortgage if you can get equity. Then cash out to pay off the unsecured debts. Its benefits are that you will get low interest tax deductible finance.

• Debt Consolidation Loans: There are many banks that provide debt consolidation loans which will help you bundle your debt into one.

• Retirement Loans: You can borrow from your pension plan which is usually 50% of the balance. These loans are generally of low interest but you have to repay immediately if you leave the job or face penalties.

Having gone through the above procedures, create a rapid and simple payment plan. You should always pay of the extra amount on the highest debt first. Your payment should be up line to down line.

0 APR credit cards are here to stay. Now that we're well into the New Year we've learned (again) the lessons of the festive season. Zero interest credit is a nice idea, but why not extend it beyond your present credit card to the next, and the next. This seven point checklist will assure the clever consumer of having that constant low APR credit for years to come.

1. Read the small print. Make sure it matches the offers on the credit card's advertising copy. In particular, check for clauses that differentiate between purchases and cash transfers, or even cash withdrawals. Check that the card doesn't stipulate a ratio between purchases and cash, charging an excess if the cash activity rises above the purchase activity (that is usually the way it is biased, but check to make sure).

2. Keep to the agreed credit limit as specified in the agreement. Do not exceed the balance limit as specified on your original agreement, or that'll be the trigger for extra charges.

3. Pay at least the minimum charge in full. Even better, set up a standing order or direct debit with your bank. You can arrange to have the minimum paid directly and electronically from your bank account every month.

4. Avoid late fees by paying on time. There is a danger with people who have the benefit of a 0% APR credit card that they will tend to become complacent about it and forget to pay it. Yes, it does happen. But every time a payment is received late credit card providers can and will charge a late fee. This can add up, especially if someone is habitually late. Again, an automatic direct debit from your bank account is the best answer.

5. Factor in any extras in the agreement, as stated in the small print (which you will have read). For example, an annual charge may be applied to offset the 0 APR. Some 0% APR cards do this but others do not. Bear in mind that the whole APR concept was meant to level the playing field as far as extra charges were concerned. By paying an annual charge for your card you are not truly getting a 0 APR card.

6. Make sure you have in mind a new low interest or 0 APR credit card waiting by to which you can transfer the balance of your present credit card. Why have 0 APR credit for 6 months or 12 months when you can have it for years and years? Always check the press and financial columns for new deals and credit card offers with this in mind. Join an Internet forum that specialises in such matters.

7. Make sure that you transfer the balance of your existing credit card to your new credit card in full and on time. In particular, allow for time to process the balance transfer and for all the paperwork involved (yes, even in the age of the Internet there is still a certain amount of paper involved!) and be careful to check that the opening balance allowed on your new 0 APR credit card is at least the same or exceeds the balance that you wish to transfer from your existing credit card, or the shortfall will cost you money!

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