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Easiest credit

What did you learn about money? Where did you learn about money or wealth? Let us touch on the issue of our basic educational institutions, the schools, where we learn about the facts of life.

What are the subjects covered in school? Language, mathematics, science, history, social studies, religion, among others are all important for us to study to blend ourselves well with society. Even in the collegiate level, depending on what course one chooses easiest credit to take, lessons are concentrated on the theories, principles and/or basics which are hardly in consonance with the real world. How do we learn new things? Reading websites, attending seminars, and talking to people more knowledgeable on the subject are some of the ways. We also learn by making mistakes, like babies learning to walk. It is like roller skating where we get bruises every time we fall. The message is: “Don’t let mistakes stop you from learning. Learn from those mistakes and let them encourage you to learn more.” Always bear in mind that education in school is only the fundamental foundation of general knowledge. Outside school , we must gather as much skills as possible especially those pertaining to creating wealth. I firmly believe that one’s choice of endeavor must be anchored on love. Because when you love what you do, you will enjoy and take good care of it, not to mention the benefits it will bring to your health. With this in mind and in heart, you are following the dream of your life and you can use this principle in the choice of your business to gain wealth. Loving is one thing. Knowing is another. Know your business. Know how to go about it. It is imperative that you acquire financial knowledge to gain wealth. Today, information is wealth. Get to know what is going on around you. You will find opportunities to get rich from information that is current. Time can be of the essence depending on the subject of the business. Knowledge on the business is vital; that is why learning is a non-stop process. You need not necessarily be familiar with a particular business, but you must learn to know the business before you get involved in it. People who have actual experiences on a subject are the ones you can talk to in gathering information. Do not listen to hearsay or to those who neither know nor have any experience on the subject. Knowing is an asset; not knowing is a liability. That is why, information is wealth. Exchange information regarding financial matters with your colleagues as frequently as possible. This is one way to acquire updated news. On topics that are not clear or familiar to you, ask questions (rather than pretend you know when you don’t) and be generous to share what you know when asked. Opportunities are sometimes born spontaneously in discussions that are beneficial to either or both parties. The risk factor is always there even if you know the business. This is inherent in every type of business. But risk can be managed and kept to a minimum if you have the proper knowledge. Gathering information may be time consuming but time well spent. Sometimes, it takes more time to gather information than the business itself. Keep in mind though that timing (when to act) could be important in the business you are interested in. How much you easiest credit know is different from how fast you know. Remember the old saying: “The early bird catches the worm?” The first or earliest to know gets the opportunity. If you know of an opportunity that is not yet in the news, it’s good news. Stay focused. Keep a clear and keen mind. Just like the advice of a weather station: “Know before you go.” The same thing is true in business: “Know before you go (into action).” When in business, you must learn to manage the flow of money, your people, and your system. Get to know where the money you invest should be at any particular easiest credit time so that you don’t get cash strapped in the middle of your transactions. Make sure your money flows smoothly to where it should be. Learn to manage your people. They work for you, so take good care of them and they will take good care of your business. Systematize your work flow. This will cut wasted time, energy, and money as well. What you save is additional profit. Keep in mind to leave some time for your out-of-business activities too, like family and social affairs. Like giving credit to where credit is due, give time to where time is due. Think of ways to do more in less time. This will increase your profit margin making you more competitive. Most people find difficulty in marketing or selling products and / or services. It takes time and patience for your prospective clients to get acquainted with what you’re offering. Their most likely first reaction is to reject it. This is normal. With the right people negotiating and handling the marketing aspects of your business, you can surmount this difficulty and eventually come up with positive results. Communication skill is very important. It is your eyes, ears, and mouth rolled into one. It is a friendly spy to keep you updated and more knowledgeable. Without it, you’ll be groping in the dark.2

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What’s the thing that seems to always happen every time you are finding it difficult to meet your credit card payments? You get slapped with a penalty fee. These fees or penalties seem to always happen just at the very moment you need them least. Someone once described a banker as a man who will lend you his umbrella, and then ask for it back as soon as it starts raining. This seems typical of many people’s dealing with the financial services industries.

What are the reasons that you can be hit with a penalty from your credit card provider? Well the most common is that you fail to make your minimum payment on time. This is by far the penalty that most people hate the most and the one that seems to hit customers at the least convenient times. There are other credit card penalties that can occur for various administrative breaches you commit such as writing a credit card check that bounces, or going over your credit card limit.

There are a number of reasons why you may commit one of the acts that cause credit card penalties to be applied to your account. If it is a first time occurrence or a once off, you may be able to call your credit card provider and request them to waive the fee in this instance. They are only likely to do this if you have been a customer of theirs for some time and have been good at keeping your payments up to date. However, it is always worth asking as many credit providers do allow their employees to give once off good will gestures to customers.

It is generally good practice to take the maximum of care to avoid costly credit card penalties. One of the best and most effective ways of doing this is to arrange to have your credit card paid by standing order or direct debit. Obviously this is only a real option if you are certain to have enough money in your bank account, as if you do not, you will not only receive a penalty from your credit card provider, but will probably face another one from your bank!

However, if you can afford at least your minimum payment each month, and most customers can afford at least this much, then you should consider this option as it means your bill will be paid on time every month and you will not have to worry about incurring a late payment credit card penalty ever again.

It's well documented that if we love our work, then we usually become experts at it and eventually the money shows up. Makes sense, but this is a slight shift on that concept. I want you to literally look at the concept of selling love for money. This has nothing to do with prostitution. Prostitution lacks love which is the core of what's wrong with that industry. No, I'm talking about infusing your product with love before selling it. Love is a magical indescribable element that uplifts, nurtures, blesses, and lightens the recipient. Add it to your product and watch the profits soar.

By adding your love and light energy to your product, you are creating a product that uplifts, nurtures, blesses, or somehow lightens the life of the person purchasing your product. It will come across as so much more than just good customer service. If you have two identical items of the same quality and price, the one with joy will magnetize the buyer. They may or may not be able to describe exactly what it was that made that product stand out over the others.

My mother is a perfect example of this concept. She is an entrepreneur at heart without any form of business school or higher education. Every business she's ever run has been extremely successful. She is organized and business smart, but that's not what sets her apart from everyone else. She usually works in industries that she finds an interest in, however one time she decided to run an auto parts shop for my step dad. She was definitely not an expert in her industry. She dove in with an upbeat positive can-do attitude and got to work. Besides selling a quality product at a quality price, she infused the entire shop with her electric energy and light. She is a natural salesman because she's so amazingly bright and cheerful. No matter what kind of business she's operating she treats every customer like a small town neighbor that she's known all of her life. I didn't grow up with her so as an adult visiting her, it was amazing for me to watch her work this special magic of hers. She makes everyone feel smart, special, and cared about. People like to do business with her. She can charge whatever she wants and work as few or as many hours as she likes because people will gladly pay for that feeling they get when in her presence. Her customers and employees treat her with a certain hero worship.

Whether you are selling a product that you really believe in, information that you're an excited expert in, or a service that you give from your heart, you can make a fortune by putting that kind of heart and soul into your business. You can give great customer service without any joyful lightness passing between you and the customer. Put that magical blend of love and brightness into every aspect of your work. It will create a magnetic attraction around your business. Others will be mysteriously drawn to you and after doing business with you they will want to come back again and again to do even more business with you. Make it an enjoyable wonderful experience for people to give you their money.

When you start your work day, take a moment and visualize yourself, your product, your company, your advertising, your communications, everything being surrounded in your most loving caring warm nurturing light. Say a little prayer that you want to truly give of your heart and soul on this day. Ask that the people who need your gift be shown the way to you so that you can bless them with your love and talents. Remind yourself that you are going to lovingly fulfill someone's unmet needs and they will gladly pay you for having done so. Send that joyful intention out to lead you throughout your workday. Let love magnetize your work throughout every stage from creation to sales.

What if you don't own the company or aren't self employed? What then? Your job consists of giving your time and labor away to a boss in exchange for a paycheck. The truth is that this still applies. Long before my mother ever opened up any of her companies, she had to work long hours doing lowly jobs for others. She always infused her work with that same go get 'em attitude and would typically end up in a supervisor position. I remember her telling me that she liked to show up for work at least half an hour early every day just to set up her work station and to make sure she had all of her ducks in a row before the official start time. Bosses love that kind of stuff. Of course she got the promotion. Think about it, if you had two equally talented employees to choose from and one just did the basic eight hour day and the other came in enthusiastically half an hour early every morning, which would you choose to promote to supervisor? When debating how much to give employees for pay raises, the enthusiastic employee who puts love and light into their work is always going to be given the biggest possible raise. Bosses are happy to write big fat paychecks to happy upbeat employees who put their heart and soul into their work. If your boss doesn't, then you can apply for a better paying position with another company. Your joyful enthusiasm will pay off eventually.

Love your work. Pick something that you can throw yourself into with joy. Love your product. Create the best product, service, or piece of information that you can. Love your company. Be glad for the chance to work and earn a living. Love your customers. They are people just like you who have many needs and want to come away feeling special and important. Do these things and the money will flow.

Copyright 2006, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow's Edge

Copyright 2007, creditmagik. All rights reserved!