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Quick cash is just a few minutes away with a low cost payday loan. For as little as $15, you can borrow $100 to get you through a financial emergency.

Whether your car broke down or you have a bill that must be paid, payday loans can get you cash without the trouble of a credit check.Low Fee Payday Loan RequirementsPayday loans are the easiest type of credit to qualify for. Lenders need you to have a checking account to receive wire transfers. They also want to know that you have a regular source of income, which could be a job or pension check.You must also be at least 18 years old and have a permanent address. Some lenders will also have additional requirements, such as being employed for at least six months. Usually the more strict the requirements, the better the rates.Easy Online Payday Loan ApplicationsYou can go two different routes with your application. The simplest online mastercard debit application is a no fax process. Just by typing in your basic personal and financial information, the cash advance company will process your loan request. Within a few minutes you will receive notification from your lender.The other option is to include copies of your bank statement and pay stub. With this step you have the hassle of faxing in your copies. However, in some cases rates will be better with such companies. If you are concerned about the difference, which is usually only a few dollars, then compare fees.Quick Cash Advance Deposited into Your Bank AccountPayday loan companies dispense your cash quicker than other lenders. In a matter of hours, you can find your cash sitting in your checking account. With an approved application, the longest you might have to wait is a business day. If you are concerned about speed, check the lender's site. Some companies can even get you your money in an hour or less.Payment is just as easy. On your payday, the cash advance company will automatically deduct your payment from your checking account. You can opt to have part or all of the loan amount paid, and you can change your mind on the payment amount later on.2

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Saving money when financing a new or used vehicle isnít just a matter of finding low rates. Pre-approved loans with a large down payment can also save you some serious cash. The time to find vehicle financing is before start car shopping though. Walking in with a blank check will give you more leverage during price negotiations.

1. Finding A Good Lender

Finding a good lender can help you save money on both rates and fees. Start by looking for a lender online, not connected with a specific dealer. Often financing offered by a dealership has a higher markup.

Broker sites let you collect quotes from several different financing companies from across the nation. Looking at the APR, you will be able to find the loan with the lowest overall cost. This is the best approach for those who donít plan on refinancing.

If you are planning to refinance your car loan, you may find that a higher rate loan with low or no fees is your better deal. You will also want to ask about any early payment fees.

2. Get Pre-Approved Before Shopping

Getting pre-approved for your car loan will help you save money on a couple of fronts. First of all, you have time to find a low rate loan. You can also select terms for lower rates. For example, buying a new car from a dealership will qualify you for lower rates than a used car purchase.

You also can trim off dollars on the price of your vehicle through your negotiations. A pre-approved loan looks like cash to salespeople, so they are more willing to work with you on the vehicleís price or options.

3. Start With A Large Down Payment

A large down payment of 20% or more will save you money in a couple of ways. First, you will save big on interest charges. Over the course of your auto loan, this will add up to hundreds. Down payments can also qualify you for lower rates.

Donít forget to also look at your budget needs. You can look at differences in monthly payment costs to see what financing is your best fit.

We all love to make money but after a while when you get too much product built up, you can start losing money. Why would we do that?

What happens is we get in a mindset on the value we feel our items are worth, rather than what we can get for them. That's why when purchasing items it's important to keep in mind that you make money when you buy, Not - When you Sell.

But we also get into the territory where you feel you should get a certain price for something. We develop an emotional attachment to our products. And that's what we need to shake.... immediately. This is the mindset that can make or break your auction business.

You need to be watching your products and if something isn't pulling in the money anymore, you need to blow it out. Product on the shelves is not money in your pocket.... it's out of your pocket. Product collecting dust is not collecting money in your bank account.

When we relate this to your eBay business, the same goes for what you have in your eBay store. Keep it fresh and alive. Have special offers, only for those who are buying an auction AND a store item. Do a two for the price of one deal or even give away product with the purchase of another item that is moving quickly.

Make it something that they want and give them a deal. Blowout product that you've had for too long. This will give you money right away and gets you product you can actually do well with.

So, get out of the mind frame that to you need to make "X" amount from certain products, if they're not pulling it in, then "X" them out and move onto newer hotter products!

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