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Low apr credit card american express 4.9

Plan to refinance your auto loan but have bad credit? You can still find financing at reasonable rates by searching online for your lenders.

Researching rates and terms will lead you to a good deal, saving you money each month. Increase your odds of getting approved for the best loans by following these tips.Think About A Co-SignerThe better your credit score, the better your rates. So if you donít have great credit, look for someone who does. By having them co-sign for your loan, you can find yourself qualifying for much better rates. Lenders look at your co-signers record, but you pay for the loan.If you are a couple, you may also choose to use the person with the best credit score to apply for the refinance auto loan. You can find out who has the better record by requesting your credit score online.Update Your Credit ReportWhile you canít change your credit report overnight, you can be sure it is in the best condition possible. Take a few minutes to review your free copy and make sure all information has been updated. You may also want to include an open letter explaining any reasons for your bad credit score. Mitigating factors, such as a job loss or illness, are sometimes considered by lenders.Eliminate Old Debt, Hold Onto Cash AssetsBesides low apr credit card american express 4.9 your payment history, lenders also look at your debt and cash assets when considering your loan application. The less debt you have, the better you look to lenders Ė especially if you have a high income.Cash assets are also credit card express apr american low 4.9 important. Lenders like to see at least six months of cash reserves in the bank. This can mean a savings account, money market, or CD.Be Honest With Your InformationMore than likely, you will be approved for refinancing. What rates you qualify for depends on your information. So to get the most accurate loan estimate, be honest about your credit background. That way, when you actually apply for the loan, you will be approved for the rate quoted.Remember too that not all lenders charge the same rate. A careful search will bring up favorable rates, even for those with poor credit. Sub-prime lenders often provide loans on a point or two above conventional rates.2

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Business planning involves a host of different functions, from production to sales to marketing. But rarely does it include time and vacation planning - especially for the solo entrepreneur.

Learning to take time off is a critical part of your long-term plan for success. Research has shown that those who take a regular vacation are sharper and more productive than those who don't.

Here's a five step plan to ensure you get the time you deserve.

1. Get a calendar for the year. I find that printing a blank calendar from Outlook serves this purpose well. (Check the Help menu for instructions on adding a new calendar if you're not familiar with the process.)

2. Mark off all of your currently scheduled major obligations. These will include conferences, trips, speaking engagements, etc. Do not include recurring meetings unless you have made a special commitment to that event for this year, such as assuming the presidency of an organization.

3. Looking at the trips you already have scheduled, where could you add just one more day and double the impact of your trip? For example, if you're attending a conference plan to stay one more day. You'll be able to think through the notes you took and create a plan to implement the ideas. Plus you'll avoid the crowded flights on Sunday evening!

Now take another look at those trips. Are there vacation opportunities in those locations? Sometimes adding another day or two allows you to see the sights in a city you might not otherwise visit. Since conference rates are often the best available you'll have a favorable room rate - and you won't have to pack and unpack again! It's a great way to see the country!

4. Now decide on the number of days you want to take as vacation days. Count what you have already in travel vacation days, then start scheduling your additional days. Do you want to take off the major holidays? Schedule them. Want to take off your birthday? Your childrens' birthdays? Your anniversary? Just mark it off!

One of the eye-openers you may have is that you want to take more than the traditional "two weeks" vacation. And that's one of the joys of being the boss - you can take that time off if you want! Will your business suffer? Probably not! You'll likely focus better when you are working, knowing that you have a vacation day coming up shortly.

5. Now take all those delicious vacation days and put them on your permanent calendar for the year. Create an electronic document that lists all of your vacation days then share it with your staff, your family, and your business partners. And print a copy for yourself to help you "remember" what you promised yourself.

Remember, as the head of your company, only you can take care of you! And giving yourself time off is your first obligation.

Copyright 2006 Jeanette Cates

Ironically, today many people are bartering to get out of debt. Even large businesses are using the barter system to save their companies or expand their business. Bartering is the process of swapping a service, product, or support for exchange of the same value of service, product or support. Here is where you can take advantage of the bartering debt consolidation solution: barter, but barter for higher value products. If you barter, exchanging one product for another, you may make more profit from the product bartered.

In other words, you can sell the merchandise online at eBay, or through a newspaper, making profit to payoff your debts. Bartering can also mean exchanging goods for cash. For example, if you have three TVs in your home, you could sell one or two of the TVs for cash, thus making money to repay your debts.

There are several ways to raise money to pay off debts. To begin with, you should try to increase your income while also considering spending cutbacks. A cutback means you are willing to sacrifice a few luxuries in your lifestyle to payoff your debts. When you are considering cutbacks, consider cable TV, Internet, entertainment, dining outs, and so forth. For example, do you need cable TV? Is it more important than getting out of debt? How many times do you eat out per week? Can you cutback to once each week to raise cash for debt relief? Do you need the Internet? Is the Internet your job place? If you must keep the Internet, can you find sources online to make money to relieve your debt? How much do you spend each week on entertainment? Are there other sources of enjoyment that are less expensive?

Cutting back your spending to raise money to repay your debts is a great solution for consolidating your debts. If used in conjunction with a debt consolidation plan, you may find yourself debt free before you would have ever imagined.

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