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Unsecured line of credit mechandise

Some commodity Stock Trading Application rules are made to be broken, but when you`re trading, there are some rules are meant to be followed.

Here some of the Stock Trading Application rules that I consider the most important principles of trading. I suggest that you make a copy of them and place them in your trading diary or tape them to your desk, so that you`ll always remember to follow them. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 1 ~ Cut Your Losses Never let your losses get out of hand. It is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure you are successful. Losses can devastate you emotionally and will diminish your trading capital, violating your primary aim in trading – to preserve your capital. If you could get successful traders to credit their success to one thing, many would select this rule. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 2 ~ Let Your Profits Run Hand in hand with the first rule is the second ~ let your profits run. Your trading plan will probably produce profitable trades less than half of the time. Therefore, you need to make sure that when you do achieve a profit, you get the most out of the move in the stock. Some up trends take time to develop; and you must wait until you see the high in unsecured of line credit mechandise the stock achieved and then the reverse in direction before you consider closing the position. Until you see the reverse, you won`t know if the stock is going to go any higher. Remember, your few profits must outweigh many losses. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 3 ~ Follow the Trend In trading, trends are the only friends you have. Always trade with the trend! Never attempt to identify the bottom in the stock or time your entry using that approach. If you do, you can be run over as the stock continues on its way down. There is often great force and momentum at work when a stock is trending in either direction, particularly when the trend is down. Don`t try to fight it. Why buy something that is heading in the wrong direction on the hope that it will turn around and head back up past your entry level? Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 4 ~ Don`t Overtrade Don`t trade for the sake of trading. Never force the action. If you are not comfortable with any of your potential trades then don`t open a position. It is a mature decision to do this when conditions aren`t quite right, and you won`t be trading for the wrong reasons. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 5 ~ Never Act on a Tip Who hasn`t reacted to a tip they heard from somebody about a stock that is apparently going to the moon and never coming back? Never act on a tip; tips are rarely good. The worst part of tips is that you will probably stick with the trade even when the security starts to head against you. You will be more inclined to break the commodity Stock Trading Application rules and not cut your loss because of the ‘reliable` information you have heard about the stock`s future. Instead of trading on tips, have confidence in your own plan. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 6 ~ Always Trade Liquid Stocks It is a horrible feeling of helplessness to be stuck with a stock that you need to exit from because there aren`t enough buyers in the market. Liquidity is the ability to trade in a security without adversely affecting its market price. Always demand liquidity in your securities before you consider trading them, and you`ll never be stuck with a stock. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 7 ~ Keep Positions Small When trading, you need to understand and manage risk to achieve long term success. If you want to completely avoid risk, then don`t commit any money to any financial market. If you are prepared to take some risk, then managing and controlling that risk will be crucial. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure you have, and use, a good position sizing model. This model will ensure that you don`t commit too much of your trading capital to a single position, allowing you to spread your risk across several positions. Commodity Stock Trading Application No. 8 ~ Don`t Buy Something Because it Looks Cheap If a stock is cheap, there is probably a very good reason for it. Only consider stocks that are trending up. There is no such thing as a stock that might start to trend up any day. Even if a stock looks cheap, who is to say that it will not get cheaper? It may never increase in price again. With these commodity Stock Trading Application rules, a solid trading system, and good money management, you can become a successful trader. Remember these commodity Stock Trading Application rules and use them. Particularly when you don`t want too.2

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With poor credit, you can’t afford not to shop online for a home equity loan. With so many more lending companies to choose from, you can find better rates and terms online. Convenience also allows you to request loan quotes and compare lenders any time of day. And with online lenders, your loan can be processed in a matter of days.

More Options Mean Better Rates

The availability of subprime lending is limited in some areas of the country. But with nearly all financing companies online, you have many more options from across the nation. And with the increase in competition, rates and terms have gotten better for people with bad credit.

With so many options, the shopping process can seem intimidating. But with recommended lending sites, you can narrow your search. Also focus on the APR, which includes closing costs, when comparing financing offers.

Personalized Loan Quotes For More Accurate Numbers

Every lender posts generic rates on their website. But you can get more accurate estimates on loan rates by requesting a personalized quote. Without having to look at your credit report, financing companies can tell you what rates you qualify for. This helps you judge who has the best financing.

Rates Any Time, Any Day

You can shop for your home equity loan any time on any day – no business hours to schedule around. With online databases, you can receive quotes in minutes either on the website or to your email account.

With the convenience and anonymity of the internet, you have a real opportunity to compare lenders without feeling pressured. So take the time to look at several lenders before settling on one.

Easy Application Process

Online lenders also make the loan application process simple. By entering some basic information online, your loan forms can be processed in a couple of days. In the mail you will receive the final paperwork to be notarized at your convenience. Some lenders will also schedule a notary to come to your home or work place.

In less than a week’s time, you could be approved for a home equity loan at near conventional rates by shopping online today.

If you are involved in sales, fundraising or just an active networker, you have probably tried a variety of tools to manage your contact list and remind yourself to stay in touch with all of the prospects and people you meet. This tickler file is designed to be an inexpensive, effective, tool that can be used by salespeople in a variety of different types of organizations.

This tickler file uses inexpensive index cards and a simple file box. You will need the following items to create your own index card sales tool. I found everything I needed at my local office supply store. The total cost was around $25.00.

- A box to store the index cards
- Monthly 3" by 5" index tabs
- Daily (1-31) 3" by 5" index tabs
- Alphabetical 3" by 5" index tabs
- A ton of white ruled 3" by 5" index cards (you don't need a photo, right?)
- A bunch of colored 3" by 5" index cards (pick your favorite color)
- A small case to carry your in your pocket

Once you have purchased the required supplies, you can organize your 3X5. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that you are assembling your 3X5 on January 1st. If this is the case you would first organize your tabs in the order below (front to back):

- January tab
- Daily tabs 1-31
- February - December monthly tabs
- A-Z alphabetical tabs
- Blank index cards - white and your favorite color

All of your cards should now be in the file box and the first thing you should see is the January tab.

Next, you should start creating cards for your leads. In the beginning, this is going to take some time (assuming you have a lot of leads). You might choose to use one color card for prospects, one color for customers, another for personal contacts, etc. If you are not going to organize your contacts by color, you will only need white cards. Nonetheless, you can either copy your contacts information onto the cards or simply staple their business card to one of the index cards.

The system works like this.

Let's imagine it is January 1st. and you attend a networking event where you meet a potential client. You get this lead's business card at the event and you want to contact him/her on the 2nd., so when you get to your office, you staple the leads business card to a white index card and drop it behind the "2" tab and then go home for the day. After all, it is new years day and you have been working hard to create your new sales system and you attended a networking event.

So, you arrive at work on January 2nd. and open up your tickler file. The first thing you should do is move the "1" tab back behind the February tab. You will always be rolling the system forward like this, so that the first tab you see in the box represents the most current month, then the most current day.
Now, you go to the tab for today (Jan 2nd.) and find the card for the lead that you met at the networking event yesterday. You call the lead and learn that he/she is out of town until January 6th. so you make a note which says, "1/2/05 - Mr. Lead is on vacation till 1/6". Now you drop the card behind the "6" tab for the month of January.

You will continue to roll this lead forward in the system, making notes at each step, until the lead either turns into a customer or asks you to leave them alone.

When the lead turns into a customer, I staple their business card to a colored card and place it behind the appropriate alphabetical tab. If their is another opportunity with this client, I move the colored card back to the dated section and move them through the process again.

Of course, as you add more people to your pipeline, you might not get to contact everyone on the day you have them slotted for. Just move them to the next day's slot at the end of the current day so you contact them tomorrow.

You will not want to carry around a huge metal box full of index cards, which is why you want to have a small index card wallet or box, so if you are going to be on the road or out of the office, you can simply grab your cards for the day and go.
Not just for salespeople.

While the system is great for salespeople, it also is a great tool for those of us who are focusing on networking. I actually use three different colored cards and use white for leads, blue for clients and red for my networking contacts (patriotic, I know). On the red cards, I write either 7, 14, 30, 45, 60, etc in the upper right hand corner of the index card to remind myself how frequently I want to contact the person, so I simply move the card forward based on the number on the card. If I want to contact someone every seven days, I move the card ahead a week after I make contact.

I hope this system works well for you. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to send them to me through my website (

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