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Advanta Platinum Business Card with Rewards Options

0% Intro APR for 15 months on Balance Transfers
7.99% Fixed APR Thereafter
7.99% Variable APR on Purchases
Choice of 5% Cash Back OR Travel Rewards
Up to $50,000 Credit Line
No Annual Fee and No Limit on Earnings
$0 Fraud Liability
Personalized Card -- your company name at the top of the card

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases and Balance Transfers: Prime plus 7.99% ; however, for Balance Transfers only, introductory 0% for the first fifteen billing cycles from the date your account is opened.
Default: The higher of the account APR plus 3%, or Prime plus a Default Margin of 17.99%.
Grace Period for New Purchases: 25 days from statement closing date, if new balance is paid in full in the manner and by the time of day on its due date as shown on statement.
Annual Fee: None when you select any Cash Back reward program.
Minimum Finance Charge: If any finance charge is applicable: $1.
Transaction Fees: for Cash Advances and Balance Transfers Cash Advances other than Convenience Checks: 3% (minimum $5); Convenience Check Cash Advances: 3% (minimum $5; maximum $50). Balance Transfers processed during the introductory period: 3% (minimum $5; maximum $50).
Other Fees Late Payment Fee: $15 to $39 based on balance. Overlimit Fee: $15 to $39 based on balance. Returned Payment Fee: $20. Dishonored Convenience Check Fee: $20.

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It seems as though every time you turn around there's a new credit card rewards program trying to win your business by promising to make your everyday purchases count toward something more. Credit card rewards can be great, since they are a way to counteract the interest that you pay on purchases that you'd make anyway… but not all credit card rewards programs are right for everybody. If you've been considering getting a new credit card that has a rewards program but aren't really sure which program is right for you, then you're in luck.

Below you'll find information on some of the most common rewards programs, so as to help you to decide whether that particular program is right for you or not.

Cash Back Rewards

One of the most popular types of rewards programs is the cash back reward… meaning that the more you use the card, the more money you'll get back from the company as a reward. Generally, the amount paid is a low percentage… 1.5% or 2% are the most common percentages paid for cash back rewards, though there are some companies that will pay between 3% and 5% to at least some of their customers.

The reward payments are usually made once per year on the anniversary date of the cardholder (the day that they first activated their card), though there are a few companies that offer instant rewards on each purchase made.

Airline Miles

Giving free airline miles that can be cashed in for tickets at major airlines is another popular type of rewards program. The cards that offer airline miles as a reward generally grant a large number of miles either upon activation or the first purchase made with the card, and then a lower number of miles with each purchase based upon the amount of the purchase. Some cards offer miles that can only be cashed in for certain dates, whereas others have miles that can be used for any date. It goes without saying that individuals who don't fly wouldn't be likely to have much use for this particular reward program.

Shopping Discounts

There are two different types of shopping discount rewards programs… those that are offered by retailers, and those that are offered by manufacturers. Retailer reward programs generally carry a discount of around 10% on any purchases made with the card at their stores, though there may be some exceptions on certain items. Manufacturer discounts are generally offered by manufacturers of high-cost items such as automobiles or other vehicles and offer a discount whenever you purchase one of their products. Some models of products may be excluded from this discount.

Free Gifts

Slightly less common as a rewards programs are those that grant free gifts based upon use of the card. Each time you use the card, you'll get a number of points from the store or company that the card is linked to which can later be redeemed in lieu of cash. Some retailers, online companies, or catalogue sales companies will offer this sort of rewards program, enabling you to get certain items for free after you've built up enough rewards points on your card.

The specific items that reward points can be redeemed for in this manner may vary from one company to the next… in some cases it is only certain items that can be purchased this way, whereas in others you can get any item that the store or retailer has in their stock.

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