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Bank of America TripRewards MasterCard

Introductory 0% APR for Cash Advance Checks and Balance Transfers
No Annual Fee
24 hour Online Access
Complete Fraud Protection
Credit Protection Available

More Ways To Earn
More ways ro reward yourself.

Trip Rewards : Get more.

TripRewards® is the world's largest hotel rewards program with over 6,000 hotels across the U.S. and Canada.
Use your TripRewards® MasterCard® credit card everywhere you go and you won't believe how quickly the points add up!

13 points for every $1 you spend on qualifying hotel stays – the 10 points you always earn, plus 3 additional points – when you use your TripRewards MasterCard credit card at these participating hotel brands.§

2 Points for every $1 you charge on all other purchases§

Trip rewards. You can redeem points for a wide variety of exciting redemption options!
This includes free hotel stays at AmeriHost Inn®, Days Inn®, Howard Johnson®, Knights Inn®, Ramada®, Super 8®, Travelodge® (U.S hotels only), Wingate Inn®, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts®. You can also redeem for gift certificates for many major retails such as: Target, Home Depot, Best Buy

Card issued by FIA Card Services, NA.


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You’re getting older and you can see all the equity sitting in your home, but you need money now! What are your alternatives? Well, you could sell your home and buy something smaller and spend the difference or you could consider taking out a reverse mortgage. But if you opt for a reverse mortgage, there some very important things you need to know. Basically it works like this. You have equity that has grown in your home by either house prices going up or you paying off your mortgage. You can now actually borrow the equity and pay interest on it which is basically backwards from a traditional mortgage. Now you may be asking yourself why you would do that. First, you get a monthly check from the bank that you can spend anyway you want. You or your estate pays the total amount you were given over time plus interest.

This is where you have to watch reverse mortgages. The interest rates can be extremely high and you can often owe up to 3 times what you were paid. Often these mortgages are paid back when you die and your estate handles it or when you sell the home. To qualify for one of these, you have to actually be the owner of the home and live in it. Remember, it doesn’t work for rental properties. Each company that offers reverse mortgages establishes their lending guidelines on the amount of the loan but a good rule to follow is the older you are and the more expensive your home, the greater the loan amount.

One of the advantages about a reverse mortgage is that you can actually pay it back anytime you like. They become immediately due if you die however, so make sure to include it in your will. If you decide not to pay your property taxes, insure the property or maintain it, the lender can actually call the loan. So be sure to take care of these things or you may get yourself into trouble. We recommend that you speak to your lawyer before going ahead with a reverse mortgage. They can be complicated and confusion and it is critical you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Amy-Jo Strutt is a successful writer and regular contributor to - An online resource to help you find the very best information on mortgages, foreclosures and loans. Amy-Jo Strutt is a successful writer and regular contributor to - An online resource to help you find the very best information on mortgages, foreclosures and loans.

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As if the problems of tenancies were not enough that loan providers too have started treating tenants in a step motherly fashion. Such is the indifference of loan providers that it appears as though loan opportunities are all shut for the tenants. Since they do not have a home of their own, tenants are often eyed with suspicion. What if the tenant runs away after borrowing? Legal procedure sure offers a relief but it is often too protracted.

However, not all loan providers view tenants in a similar fashion. It is these lenders who offer loans to tenant. Tenants are the people who do not have a home of their own. People who have been living till date in their parents’ home too count as tenants, unless parents are ready to allow the usage of their home as collateral. A loan to serve the tenants is known as tenant loan in the UK.

UK tenant loan is basically an unsecured loan where the borrower does not have to offer any collateral to the loan provider. Take any secured loan and the clause of collateral will always come along. Whether it is the home of the borrower or any other asset which serves as a collateral, there is always the fear of the collateral being taken away permanently by the loan provider. How else do you think the loan provider will recover his loan? UK tenant loan is free of any such fears as there is no collateral.

One more advantage of tenant loan, which extends to unsecured loans in general, is that they are relatively faster in getting approved. With no collateral to value, the loan providers can save significant time during approval. Compare this with a secured loan against home and we find that the valuation of home takes as much time as the other processes taken together. Thus, if you are taking a tenant loan in the UK, you can hope to receive loan proceeds much faster than your counterpart who has taken a secured loan.

Compared to the earlier times, the number of lenders with loans for tenants in the UK has increased. The lenders have realised that by taking a moderate risk they can increase their customer base.

UK tenant loans are awarded for sums ranging up to ₤25000. Tenants thus may not qualify for a large amount as in a secured loan. This constitutes one of the tactics to reduce the risk involved in the process of offering tenant loans. Tenant loans can not be used for tasks which have a larger cash requirement. Making small improvements in home and debt consolidation are the purposes which can best be undertaken through a tenant loan.

Additionally, the interest rate on the UK tenant loan will be very high. As most of us know that rate of interest is heavily dependant on the amount of risk involved in a particular loan deal. We discussed in the very beginning of the low credibility of tenants. This implies that the tenants expose loan providers to greater risk. Thus, tenants have to pay a higher rate of interest. The borrowers can escape interest rate fluctuations by using the several options that come on interest. Rate locks, capped rate, discounted rate etc form some of the interest options to lessen the bitterness of high interest rates.

Having a bad credit history will not be accepted with ease in UK tenant loans. Credit history is the only instrument through which borrowers can trust borrowers. When credit history is tarnished, they will find it very difficult to make the lending decision. Credit deformities may have been ignored had there been sufficient collateral. Does this mean that tenants with bad credit history have to return empty-handed? They would have to return thus had it not been for a few loan providers who are ready to lend with this much risk.

Tenants must be good researchers for finding good deals in UK tenant loans. There is no shortage of loan providers who try to take benefit of the problem of the tenants. They will often increase unreasonably the rate of interest or will include too many of the hidden charges. Borrowers who are able to surpass these lenders are the ones who find the best deals in UK tenant loans.

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