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Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage World MasterCard

Earn 15,000 AAdvantage® Bonus Miles after your first purchase with the card*
Earn 1 AAdvantage® mile for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases*
No blackout dates for AAdvantage award travel on select carriers*
Redeem AAdvantage miles with over 25 of the world’s top airlines, major car rental companies and hundreds of luxurious hotels worldwide*
AAdvantage® miles may never expire*
Reduced Mileage Awards*
No pre-set spending limit*
* See Terms and Conditions

Get more out of life with the Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®

15,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after you first purchase with the card

Earn 1 AAdvantage® mile for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases - up to 100,000 miles per year
  • No blackout dates for AAdvantage award travel on
  • American Airlines, American Eagle &
  • AmericanConnection® carriers
  • Redeem AAdvantage miles with over 25 of the world’s top airlines, major car rental companies and hundreds of luxurious hotels worldwide
  • AAdvantage® miles may never expire
  • Reduced Mileage Awards – 7,500 fewer miles to select destinations
  • NO ANNUAL FEE for 12 months!
  • No pre-set spending limit

$0 Liability on unauthorized charges. Get the purchasing power you need.

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How does 'as is' selling work? The process is simple. The contract simply states that the seller is not responsible for making any repairs to the home before the buyer takes possession. The seller is still required to disclose any defects of which they are aware. However, if other defects appear after the sale is complete, the seller is not liable for those problems, provided they didn't hide knowledge of the condition during the sale.

Buying or selling a home 'as is' on the real estate market today is fairly common. As Americans move more often and the practice of renovating run-down homes for profit grows more widespread, many sellers aren't finding it necessary to repair the defects in their property before putting it on the market. They're much more liable today to find a buyer who's willing to purchase the home, defects and all.

With the 'as is' buying and selling process, sellers accept the fact that they're getting less money for their home. Buyers are entitled to a lower price to make up for the cost of repairs. Usually sellers who put their homes on the market as is are not as interested in high market value as they are in a quick sale; or they simply do not have the resources to make the repairs before sale.

In order to sell a home as is, however, a home inspection is still required. Both parties must be aware of the damages, so that the buyer knows what he is getting into and the seller knows approximately how much he is going to lose in market value.

Purchasing a home with knowledge of its condition allows a buyer to examine his budget and decide if purchase price plus repair cost is worth it. Usually, it is- the buyer is essentially paying less because he's willing to go through the hassle of repairs, and not necessarily because the repairs will cost a certain amount. Also, often the defects in a home are perfectly livable; for example, if a seller refuses to put a new coat of paint on the rooms, then the house qualifies for an as is sale. The industrious buyer who doesn't mind painting a few rooms can get his purchase price lowered for the sake of a very easy repair.

In a home being sold as is, both sides would do well to hire home inspectors, and check the house over thoroughly. Provided the seller doesn't mind losing a little sticker price, and the buyer doesn't mind a few costs down the road, it can be an excellent deal for both sides. One gets out with having to do any work and makes a quick sale; the other gets a bargain home that needs a little TLC.

Steven Jonas, Real Estate Agent from the official Real Estate Property website. Visit the Real Estate Finder website.

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Free 3D animation career advancement seminar January 13th 6-9 PM, NYC.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 30, 2005 -- 3DMIRAGE, a high-end 3D animation production company has recently launched 3D Training Institute (3DTi), a training company dedicated solely to teaching the art and craft of 3D animation in a simulated production environment.
Targeting the burgeoning demand for 3D artists, 3DTi exposes students to a growing number of industries in addition to the entertainment and gaming worlds commonly associated with this high tech imagery. A significant amount of 3D work is being done in diverse fields including medical visualization, legal enactments, biotech, corporate graphics, financial services, and retail point-of-purchase visualizations and 3DTi’s curriculum targets these expanding opportunities for animators.

3DTi courses attract animation enthusiasts from around the globe and changes lives. Some students, after taking the course, incorporate 3D into their current professions, while others move on into related areas securing jobs where 3D animation takes center stage.

“Our unique Learn-Practice-WorkTM approach teaches students to work on simulated real world projects and prepares them for working in an actual production environment,” says Charlene Turner, spokesperson for 3DTi. “We count among our diverse graduates, a doctor from England, who left his cancer research post to create 3D medical animations for pharmaceutical companies illustrating the microscopic actions taking place inside the human body. Another student, an aspiring filmmaker, was hired by his ‘day job’ employer, a NYC jewelry company, to create a video depicting the inside of a diamond for a point-of-purchase video.”

The Institute also serves as a “finishing school” for individuals already working in the industry and determined to improve or expand their skills in advanced modeling, texture & lighting, character animation, rigging and special effects techniques.

In addition to its innovative training approach, 3DTi guides students through the crucial demo reel process, and offers career counseling, internships and referrals for qualified students. A post-training program provides guidance on setting up a home-based production studio, discounts on software, and one-on-one help when those first jobs start rolling in. The 3DTi web-site is very informative providing newcomers and 3D professionals with the latest information in the 3D industry (see “Featured Topics” section at 3DTi also periodically partners with other colleges and institutions to conduct free seminars to provide 3D enthusiasts insights into the 3D world.

Career Advancement Seminar
On Friday, January 13, 2006, from 6 PM -8:30 PM 3D Training Institute (3DTi) and the Enterprise Center at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) will team up to host a free seminar featuring a panel of industry animation experts who will share insights on how to advance a career in 3D animation. The event will take place on the FIT campus, in the John E. Reeves Great Hall located at Seventh Avenue at 28th Street. (Subway: 1 and 9 to Seventh Avenue and 28th Street.) Attendance is open to animation students with demo reels looking for a career break in the animation industry as well as animation professionals interested in advancing their careers, and animation enthusiasts. Admission is free with pre-registration at

The panel will cover topics including growing trends in the animation industry, demand for animators, the hiring process and the importance of demo reels. Three demonstration reels will be selected from submissions sent in advance for evaluation followed by a live Q & A session.
The panel will comprise of CEO’s and Directors of animation and production companies and industry savvy recruiters including:

· Scott Sindorf, Principal/Executive Creative Director of UVPHACTORY, a NYC-based design and production company offering a complete range of creative services for broadcast, commercial, film, music, film and video clients
· Lucien Harriot, CEO of NYC-based, Mechanism Digital, Inc., a digital production, animation and visual effects boutique and Vice-Chair, NYC-ACM SIGGRAPH
· Chryssa Cooke, an independent recruiter for animation companies (formerly with Orphanage and PDI).

“The collective knowledge of this panel will help attendees get a real bearing on how to advance in this complex and competitive yet expanding animation industry,” says Mr. Klass, one of the directors of 3DTi.

“We partner with 3DTi to offer 3D business and fashion applications to our students. We are pleased to join them in offering this opportunity to students seeking a career in animation,” says Christine Helm, program manager at the FIT Enterprise Center.

About 3D Training Institute (3DTi)
3D Training Institute (3DTi) offers specialized courses in cutting-edge software such as 3ds Max and Maya. The training is conducted in a simulated production environment built upon its unique Learn-Practice-WorkTM approach. Utilizing a focused, project-based course students are taught to work on real world projects. 3DTi’s close ties the animation industry, provides students with insights into the latest trends in the animation industry, and find out about current jobs and internship openings. Located at 3 East 28th Street, NYC, 3D Training Institute offers weekend, evening and on-line courses for beginners and professionals. For more information or to learn about 3DTI’s free weekly introductory class, please visit or call (212) 967 - 7777.

Founded in 1999, 3DMIRAGE is a high-end 3D production and consultancy company specializing in new technologies in the field of 3D animation. The client roster includes such international companies as P&G, Samsung, McDonalds and Warner Bros. With a proven track record of expertise in providing content for the entertainment and corporate sectors, 3DMIRAGE is a preferred partner of choice for 3D production companies, post houses, ad agencies, web design firms, technology companies and corporations seeking 3D content and to introduce new technologies to their clients. Strategic alliances include AutoDesk, Cycore, CyberExtruder, Provision Interactive and New Sight. For more information please go to or call (877)- 3Dmirage.

For press information, to arrange a tour, or to obtain images, please contact Roberta Lawrence Media @ (212) 627-0297.

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