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No apr on first 6 months

A lot of online entrepreneurs are under the impression that they have to do everything themselves and be everything to anybody.

They want to do it all. The want to be theinventor, the creator, the author, the accountant, thegraphic designer, the web designer, the copywriter, thetech guy, etc. This is very inefficient.Do only the things that you do well and then you paysomeone else to do the things you aren't good at or take along time for you to do. Other than saving money, there isno reason that you should even try to do everythingyourself. There is a strong relationship between time andmoney. That is that time is money.Once you understand and appreciate that you will be moreefficient and less scared to spend a little money to getthings done fast no apr on first 6 months and well. Even if it means freeing up asignificant amount of time. Who you are is communicatedthrough your website. There was another harmful mythcirculated amongst internet marketers that web designdoesn't matter as long as the sales copy is good.This myth sprung from the philosophy that a site should bestripped down to it's bare essentials so that there isnothing to distract or confuse no apr on first 6 months the visitor. That is true.But then someone took it a step further and said that webdesign doesn't matter at all - only the sales copy. That isnot true. Your website should look good, professional,classy, appealing, etc.Online, surfers judge you by the quality of your sitedesign. They judge your credibility according to howprofessional your website looks. They judge your sincerityby how "classy" and "not cheesy" your website is. Theyassume your product's quality and the quality of yourwebsite are linked. And why shouldn't they? Your website isusually 100% of no apr on first 6 months the experience they have with you.They haven't met you in person, they haven't talked to youon the phone, they probably haven't heard about you beforethey came to your site. So, they land on your homepage, thepage loads, and at apr first on no 6 months that point all they know about you iswhat is sitting in their browser window which is words andsite design.A good web site adds to your credibility, professionalism,and builds trust with your customers because it indicatesthat you are a stable, successful operation. Not bad thingsin anyone's eyes.If you split test a well designed, professional website anda homemade website with the exact same sales copy theprofessional site will out pull the homemade site. By howmuch will vary depending on the unique attributes of theprospects in that niche but Beyond just having a bettersite in the end, think of all the precious time that youwill save by having someone else do your site design.Obviously sales copy is more important but assuming thatsite design is insignificant is not thinking clearly. Ifyou still aren't convinced. Look at it this way, you canspend two weeks learning how to code and do bad designwork, eventually producing a very amateur site, or you canhire a professional who, for $300 can do that work for youin 4 days and produce a much higher quality website.That makes this an excellent investment. Have your sitedesigned by a professional. Designing it yourself is awaste of time and money. This can free up your time spentdoing other things to get your online investment rolling.2

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Second mortgages are important real estate tools that have been used for many years. A particular type of second mortgage is called a commercial second mortgage. These are used in combination with a first loan and as a main difference a second commercial mortgage will have a term much less than the first one (usually this new one is a 5 year loan).

In many situations, such a second mortgage is required, but the possibility to repay it must be taken into account and assessed properly. Borrowers must be sure that the money acquired will make a good investment for their commercial business or that they can pay their first loan and second loans at the same time.

Several qualified people are able to help borrowers find a good second mortgage. Also, whenever people apply for a commercial second mortgage a free assessment of their financials will be done. This is routine and is very helpful, as the borrower will then know exactly what they can afford, and their picture about their business and financial power will be up to date. With this information in hand, borrowers can then decide if taking the loan is a good solution or not.

People who are not approved will at least know their exact financial state and can risk it by applying somewhere else where they will be approved. The risks are higher but the rewards can be high if the borrower is careful in choosing the amount borrowed and the terms of the loan.

Taking a commercial second mortgage is a very big step and should be very well thought out. The repayment rates are higher than with a first loan and they must be paid on a shorter term. It is advisable to consult a financial professional before taking a commercial second mortgage in order to fully know and understand all of the available options.

In August of 2005 the price listed as the price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $2.29. That same day Kellie Courtney of Cleveland paid only 89 cents a gallon. Marion Charvat paid $1.09 a gallon. Marion filled her Volkswagen Jetta for only $12.45. How could they buy gas so cheap? They did it because they are smart consumers. Here's how they did it.

The reason that Kellie and Marion were able to purchase gas at such a low price is that they treated gas like it was any other item that they would go to a store to buy. They shopped around and they found a way to purchase their gas at the store that they found had the absolute lowest cost. They found a frequent shopper program that allowed them to lower their gas cost. They found it at a grocery chain called Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle does business in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Recently Giant Eagle added a new component to their frequent shopper program. It is called Fuelperks. It is a program that offers discounts on gas at Giant Eagle's own stations for shopping at Giant Eagle using their frequent shopper card.

For every $50.00 of purchases using the frequent shopper card the consumer will get a 10 cent reduction in the price of gas for one tank fill up. Purchase $100.00 worth; get 20 cents off a gallon. Purchase $500.00 worth and get $1.00 off a gallon. Buy enough groceries and you can get gasoline for free.

A large family that has to buy a lot of groceries every week will very quickly earn large discounts at the gas pump. The prices at Giant Eagle are in line with most of the other groceries in the area and their regular price on gas is in line with other gas stations so you really are getting a legitimate discount on gas.

You have to buy groceries somewhere; you might as well buy it a store that gives you a substantial discount on gas while you are at it. That is one way to beat the gas pump.

Treat gas like anything else that you buy. Look for the best deals. Look for frequent shopper programs in your neighborhood that allow you to build up discounts you can use towards gas. Look for gas discounts and incentives anywhere you see a gas pump. Look for stores that may be branching out into the frequent shopper area or stores that now sell gas that didn't before.

In order to compete with the new grocery gas stations many gas convenience stores are beginning to implement frequent shopper programs that will result in lower gas costs. But more and more traditional stores that never sold gas before are realizing that discount gas is a big incentive to get shoppers. Giant Eagle is one example of a traditional grocery store branching out to sell gas at a discount.

According to the Food Marketing Institute, just 18% of grocery stores built in 2003 had gas pumps; last year, more than 60% of new stores were built with gas stations. They have seen the value of offering gas to their customers as a loss leader.

The mega retailers are another place you should look for bargains. As in many areas Wal-Mart / Sam's Club are jumping into the gas business big time. The VP in charge of fuel for Wal-Mart says he is looking to extend Sam Walton's marketing strategy to gasoline by building gas stations at every Sam's Club throughout the country. In his view, putting in pumps should be "standard practice. It just fits our business model: we want to bring everything [to consumers] at the lowest price."

So how can you lower your gas costs? Treat gas like any other item you purchase. Look for deals, discounts and low prices. Comparison shop. Find the retailers that offer the best program for you. Look for gas bargains at some of the non traditional outlets like grocery stores or mega stores. Then maybe you will be able to buy that tank of gas for 89 cents a gallon like Kellie Courtney did.

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