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When you start your hunt for the best credit card what you're really searching for is the best credit card for your particular situation and needs.

You may, for instance, be someone whe travels a lot for business or pleasure. Travel credit card discounts may be the best credit card option for you. You may be someone who has bad transfer 0% no fee credit. There are credit cards especially designed for folks like you - these would be the best credit card options for your circumstances.If you are a shopaholic, for example, the best credit card for you might be one that gives rewards in the way of incentives and percentages back on purchases. Of course, there are some things that make a card the best credit card for many, if not most, credit card users. These are the ones with the lowest APR (annual percentage rate) and the lowest annual rate. Some cards - in fact, many - have no annual rate at all. One such card may prove to be the best credit card for you, assuming that there aren't hidden fees that ultimately cost you more than you've saved in lower APR or annual fee.Keep in mind, though, that the better your credit history, the lower the APR you're going to find on a credit card. If your credit is poor the best 0% no transfer fee credit card you're going to find, unfortunately, is going to be one with a higher than average APR. That is, until you improve your credit standing. There are alternative credit cards for this situation, too.Other factors to consider in determining the best credit card for you is whether you generally pay off your credit card debt each month or whether you carry over a balance each time. The reason this is an important factor in deciding the best credit card for you is that some credit cards offer a grace period on this carryover - others do not, and, in fact, tack on hefty penalties for doing so.Fleet, AFB Industrial and Wachovia Bank all have twenty day grace periods on their credit cards - clearly the best credit card choice for those who don't pay the balance each month. All other factors being equal, of course.Another best credit card factor to be considered is whether you typically use your credit card for cash advances. This rate can vary considerably, and some even have no fee attached to a cash advance request. This, like anything else, depends on credit rating. USAA's best credit card offer for cash advances, for example, is a free cash advance. It's highest percentage fee is nine percent. Fleet and Wachovia both charge four percent.The other important factor in determining your best credit card is how much traveling you do. If you're flying the friendly skies on a regular basis a credit card that lets you rack up credits for each flight you take may save you more than opting for one that doesn't whose APR is lower, or the annual fee less costly.2

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Have you read your credit card statement lately? Do you know what your annual percentage rate is? How about your annual fee? You may be surprised to learn that your current card is not the bargain you once thought it was. If you are tired of paying fees and big monthly payments then shopping for a new credit card is a must. Some balance transfer cards are better than others; here are some things for you to look for with your new card:

Low Introductory Rate If you are paying a high interest rate for your current card you can save yourself plenty of money by shopping for a card with a low introductory rate. Yes, there are still many balance transfer cards available that will give to you a rate as low as 0% for twelve months. By obtaining one of these cards you could save yourself hundreds of dollars per month and pay off your outstanding balance faster.

Transfer Fees Balance transfer credit cards may charge you a small fee to make a transfer. Still, there are some cards that charge no fee on the initial balance transfer upon applying. It may be to your advantage to pay the transfer fee especially if you are going from a high annual percentage rate card to a low percentage rate card. Crunch some numbers to find out which card works best for you.

Save on Annual Fees To secure your business, many balance transfer credit card issuers such as Chase and Citibank charge no annual fee. This can be a nice alternative for you especially if you have been paying $35, $50, $85, or more for your current card annually.

Get Rewards A nice option for many consumers are those balance transfer credit cards that reward you for using that card. Depending on the plan, you can quickly accumulate airline miles, hotel stay credits, take a cruise, rent a car, accumulate points toward receiving free gifts, and more. Some cards, such as the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card, will even give to you bonus points upon your first purchase of any amount!

Get Rebates Like a typical reward card certain balance transfer credit cards will give to you cash rebates toward the purchase of a new or used car or toward repairs on your current car. The Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select MasterCard is an example of one such card making this offer.

Perhaps the best thing for you today is that choosing a new credit card is to your advantage. Never before have terms, fees, and benefits been this good. There is no telling how long any offer will last, but if you act now you can obtain a balance transfer card that works best for you. To find your next card, searching online makes comparing all of the best credit card offers a breeze.

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There is so much credit flying about these days, that keeping tabs on the credit you have and the credit you have had in the past, would be a full time job. Thats if you decided to apply your time to it. Not only that the threat of fraud being committed in your name is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, by the minute and could lead to many problems that could see you refused any credit in the future.

There is though a knight in shining armour riding to our rescue. It is in the form of the new CreditExpert Monitoring Service, which is a subscriber service and is being made available to us, by the UKs biggest credit reference agency Experian. It is aimed to cut out any problems that could befall our finances.

It works by letting you know when any changes are made to your personal credit information that they hold on you. It also allows you to keep track of your own financial information at any time that you wish to do so. This means that you can have any details you need at the drop of a hat.

But the biggest and most valuable thing that it does for you in my opinion is the protection that offers you, in the fight against Identity Fraud. A major worry for all of us and it should be. By being able to go online, we can keep a close eye out for any discrepancies, which may take place on our credit report. Though to give you added security, the new service will alert you if anything changes on your report.

The only service of its kind in the UK. The CreditExpert Monitoring service will send you weekly alerts via, your E-mail address or by a SMS text to your mobile phone. Once you have received your alert, al you then have to do is get online and check your credit report for any changes that have come about. If any of the changes that you have been contacted about are of your knowledge, then you will be satisfied that your personal details are in good hands.

Though on the flip side of the coin, you find that the changes, such as a loan or credit card have been applied for in your name and it is not of your doing, then the online site will have all of the resources in which you can use to inform them that there may be fraudulent use of your name being committed. It will also be useful to check that the company you have applied for credit from has placed all of your personal information correctly, if not then you can use the service to inform the credit agency of any mistakes.

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