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Credit card variable rate prime plus 4.99%

If you own a home, you may be able to obtain quick cash using your home's equity. For the most part, our homes are our biggest asset.

As our home's value increases, so does the equity. Some homeowners choose to sell their homes in order to cash in on the equity. However, if you have no intentions of moving, getting a home equity line of credit or loan is a perfect way to tap into your home's equity.Reasons for Applying for Home Equity Loan or Line of CreditUsing your home's equity to pay for unexpected home improvements, car repairs, or to pay for your child's education is a solution to money woes. Because credit card variable rate prime plus 4.99% of the high cost of living and excessive consumer debt, the majority of middle class people are unable to save large amounts of money. Most rely on their 401K and pension for retirement. However, if you need cash now, a home equity loan is your best alternative.The benefit of a home equity loan or line of credit is that you may receive one with less than perfect credit. Banks require applicants to have collateral, minimum credit score, and sufficient income. With a home equity loan or line of credit, the equity in your home secures the loan.Benefits of a Home Equity Line rate card variable credit prime plus 4.99% of CreditIf approved for a home equity line of credit, you will receive a revolving credit with the bank or mortgage lender. The term of the revolving credit varies. An average term is five to ten years. During this time, you have free reign to withdraw money from the line of credit. The process is similar to getting a cash advance from your credit card. However, the interest rate on home equity lines of credit are more reasonable and generally at a fixed rate.Benefits of credit card variable rate prime plus 4.99% a Home Equity LoanHome equity loans, also referred to as second mortgages, do no involve revolving credit. Instead, you are provided a lump sum of money that may be used for any purpose. Common reasons for getting a home equity loan is to consolidate debt, wedding expenses, college tuition, etc.These loans have fixed monthly payments and terms. Before applying for either home equity option, weight the pros and cons. Can you afford an additional monthly payment? If you are unsure, avoid putting your home on the line. Failure to pay a home equity loan or line of credit will result in foreclosure. 2

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No discussion of Chex-Systems would be complete without accompanying information on Chex-Systems-Removal. Please be aware that ALL of our ChexSystems information (including non-chexsystems banks and online banks) is totally FREE. We do not charge for this information like other sites do. It is all FREE for your use. Tell your friends about it.

Also, newly added is a Brand New source that has a 100% approval rating [if you meet the simple criteria] and you can now have a real checking account, Even if you are currently in ChexSystems!

ChexSystems is a network that is made up of member banks and credit unions that contribute information to a central location concerning negative information on checking and savings accounts. This information is shared among the member banks and credit unions to warn them of bad check writers.

ChexSystems neither approves nor disapproves new accounts. These decisions are entirely up to the member bank or credit union. They are also licensed as a debt collection service to members that participate in their service. Members report the names and addresses of account holders whose accounts have remained unpaid. Every report that is submitted to them remains on file for at least 5 years, unless the source of the information requests that it be removed or Chex-Systems becomes obligated to remove it under applicable law. A reporting member is under no obligation whatsoever to remove an accurate report of account overdraft and/or non-payment.

non chexsystems banks online
Apply today for a bank account tomorrow

Non chexsystems banks are few and far between, but they are out there.

We have compiled a current (as of 2006) list of banks online that either overlook ChexSystems information or simply do not care about your past checking history.

Online banks are nearly as convenient as a local bank, especially if you have Direct Deposit. With most online non chexsystems banks, you also receive a VISA or MasterCard ATM/Check Card. These debit cards can be used to get cash from ATMs and to make purchases. You can even avoid ATM transaction fees by using the card to get cash back at U.S. Post Offices, grocery stores, and many other retailers.

If you apply to one of these online banks and are rejected for a checking or savings account because of a ChexSystems mark, please let us know immediately so that we may update our current listing.

In a nutshell, you can either scour the website for non chexsystems banks or apply online for an account; unfortunately, these banks change their regulations frequently. The second method would be to apply for a real bank account and ATM card with a non chexsytems bank and be done with it. This way, you save time and effort and are guaranteed to get your checking account.

The prospect of bankruptcy is an ever increasing reality facing many individuals. Figures released recently by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) show that bankruptcies and insolvencies have hit an all-time high.

The Figures For 2005:

13,501 people declared bankrupt in UK

6960 adults entered into voluntary insolvency known as Individual Voluntary Agreement

What To Do If You Are Thinking Of Declaring Yourself Bankrupt.

It's better to enter into an IVA than to declare yourself bankrupt. Under an IVA, borrowers agree to pay a fixed monthly amount over an agreed period, subject to approval by three-quarters of their creditors. In return, the interest on their debts is frozen, and some of their debt - in some cases, up to four-fifths (80%) is written off.

What Has Caused This?

Te lending boom which began roughly a dozen years ago led to a rise in credit problems. However, these figures are even higher than those recorded in the recession of the early Nineties. This sounds off a big alarm bell regarding how we manage our finances.

The breadth and depth of our borrowing habit have increased considerably, as relaxed lending standards have led to a rise in both the number of borrowers and the overall amount that individuals can borrow. In short, we have become credit junkies. We live today and pay tomorrow.

Naturally, this borrowing binge creates victims, as over-indebted people struggle to meet rising debt repayments and their finances begin to spiral hopelessly out of control.

What Criteria Is Required For Declaring Myself IVA?

Bankruptcy laws have become more relaxed, with some people now seeing it as an easy option or 'get out' to resolve their problems. It does, however, still impact upon your financial life.

You may be reading this thinking an IVA is your best option, but it only really applies if you are working full time and you owe more than 7,500 to three or more lenders. It's also expensive to arrange ( you would be looking at costs of around 6,500 ! ).

Alternatively, you can attempt to tackle the problem yourself by increasing your income, reducing your outgoings, and throwing all your spare cash at your debts.

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